TOP 10 Best Heavy Duty Recliner Reviews in 2020 – [Buyers’ Guide]

A heavy duty recliner is recommended for household usage as it enables you to adjust the position to any angle that you prefer. Yet, it still provides the best protection for your body parts by including various padding areas. So, today we have the top 10 best heavy duty recliner products for you to take a look at.

List Of Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Recliners in 2020

10. JHome adjustable heavy duty recliners

 Jacky Home Lift Recliner

Let’s begin with the heavy duty recliner from JHome. This recliner is equipped with a dual motor, and it is supported by an electric motor. Yet, the operation is both smooth and quiet at the same time. It is designed ideally for seniors who are having difficulties standing up sometimes. It is dedicated to protecting both the back and knees.

The recliner features an adjustable backrest within the angle range between 110 and 180 degrees. This makes it compatible with various activities, including reading and watching movies. Thanks to the steel and hardwood construction, it can support the maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. The assembly is easy as it can be finished within 20 minutes.

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9. ANJ HOME padded heavy duty recliners

ANJ HOME Power Lift Recliner

Next, we should take a look at this heavy duty recliner from ANJ HOME. This recliner includes 2 great functions, which are massaging and heating. There are up to 10 massaging modes for you to choose, and they focus on different areas such as thigh, shoulder, and shin. Users are able to customize the intensity of the massaging function.

This recliner is built from a single motor, yet it supports a heavy duty mechanism. It can tilt to stand up as well. In the backrest area, there is a designated pillow to support the high and low back. It is padded with extra cushion to ensure the best comfort as well as safety. In addition, the size is large and wide, while the loading capacity is as high as 300lbs.

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8. Harper & Bright Designs heavy duty recliners

Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

Another choice for a high quality and heavy duty recliner is from Harper & Bright Designs. It is available in 4 color designs, which are beige, yellow, gray, and dark brown. This recliner also includes the lift mechanism which helps seniors stand up without putting pressure on the knees or back area. The upholstery is built from soft microfiber fabric, and it includes the high-density sponge to maximize comfort.

It is built with a strong and sturdy construction that can support the maximum weight of 330lbs. It has been tested and proved that it is much stronger than other power lifts. Moreover, the seat position is fully expandable based on your demands of either stretching or relaxing. The maximum reclining ability is up to 160 degrees.

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7. BELARDO home adults heavy duty recliners

Good & Gracious Recliner

BELARDO home provides us with one of the best heavy duty recliners for both adults and seniors. This recliner features a luxurious design as it is made from breathable leather and high-quality foam. It also includes LVL wood that is designed to be compliant with safety home standards. Moreover, the recliner chair is dedicated for the user’s comfort as it includes 2 pieces of an overstuffed pillow to support your back while reading books or watching TV.

Users can enjoy the manual control function on the settings of this recliner. It can be reclined between 110 and 145 degrees. You only need to drag the arm lever in order to extend the reclining ability. Moreover, it features an easy assembly process. You are demanded for only 10 – 15 minutes to get the installation ready.

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6. Harper & Bright Designs heavy duty recliners with oversized back

 Lift Chair for Elderly

Here comes another heavy duty recliner from Harper & Bright Designs. This powerful recliner targets your best comfort and healthiness with both of the massaging and heating functions. The design is compatible with various settings in the house, including bedroom, home theater, and living room. There is a remote for you to customize the setting of the recliner.

The upholstery is made to be comfortable. It is constructed of high-density sponge to support the body. The seat, armrest, and backrest areas are all made oversized so that you can enjoy it with the extra space provided. There are up to 10 modes for the massaging function, and therefore, users can get the massage for any body parts with the ideal level of intensity.

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 ANJ Recliner Chair Overstuffed

Here is another model of heavy duty recliner from ANJ HOME that you should take into consideration. This recliner prioritizes coziness and comfort in the design, and as a result, the headrest, armrest as well as backrest areas are all padded with cushions to give extra thickness and comfort. The reclining motion can be customized using a pull within the range between 110 and 145 degrees.

It is also very easy to assemble this recliner since it is made of a heavy duty construction. The hardwood frame makes it stay connected with one another for a longer period of time. The recliner is suitable for various parts of the house, including the bedroom and living room. With a 1-year warranty, you can enjoy the best customer satisfaction with the best confidence.

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4. ANJ

 ANJ Power Lift Recliner

Moving onto the next heavy duty recliner from ANJ, it is equipped with a powerful reclining system. Users can work with the remote control in order to get the position adjusted to your favorite angle. This recliner features a heavy duty construction, and it is operated on a single motor. It can be tilted or lifted to stand in order to help you stand up with convenience.

The design is of high quality. It includes an overstuffed pillow at the backrest area to provide additional support to your body. It is padded with a thick cushion so that you will never get any back pain or fatigue. The recliner supports the maximum loading capacity of 300lbs.

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3. Bonzy Home

Bonzy Home Recliner Chair

It’s time for us to give our attention to this heavy duty recliner from Bonzy Home. It is made with the best comfort and durability. It is constructed of velvet fabric, and it features a high level of wear resistance quality. This recliner is soft, comfortable, and highly breathable.

This recliner chair enables a manual adjustment. Therefore, it is ideal for various settings, including bedrooms, living rooms, and other places. It supports a heavy load with a maximum loading capacity of 300lbs. It is also very easy to assemble since you can take only 10 minutes to get it ready.

When it is fully reclined, the length of the chair can be extended up to 60 inches. Also, it provides a 1-year warranty on the surface fabric of the chair.

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2. Bonzy Home

Bonzy Home Air Leather

What about this heavy duty recliner from Bonzy Home? It is made of faux leather, and this material is both comfortable and heavy duty. It is resistant to wear, and it is highly breathable. Many areas of the recliner are padded with cushions to ensure the best comfort. You will enjoy just the right amount of warmth and coziness in this recliner.

Thanks to the classic design, it is suitable for various home decoration styles. It fits well into the bedroom, living room, and other areas of the house. If you are not satisfied with the quality, you can return within 7 days to get your money back.

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1. Link Shades

Link Shades Anti-Slip Heavy

Last but not least, we should not miss this heavy duty recliner from Link Shades. It is equipped with a cover to help protect it against all kinds of messes. The recliner itself is made from faux leather, and it is compatible with all household settings, including the living room and bedroom. It is built-in with a side pocket to store additional accessories.

This recliner requires easy care. The construction itself is durable enough to withstand all the toughest usage. The seat and backrest areas are all designed with oversize so that users can best take additional comfort from this recliner.

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Buying Guide

Below are some criteria that determine a good heavy duty recliner for household usage.

Construction: the priority of the construction is heavy duty. With a hardwood or steel frame, the chair is usually built from high-quality leather or polyester fabric to support a long-lasting usage. It should also include extra padding for additional comfort.

Reclining position: a high-quality recliner features the reclining ability at up to 160 – 170 degrees. This allows the body to fully stretch for various activities, such as reading and watching videos.

Lifting mechanism: this is a desirable feature for seniors since it can help them stand up with less pressure on the knees and back.


To conclude this article, above are the top 10 best heavy duty recliners. Get one now for grandparents or parents to let them enjoy the day on the chair with the best seating position.

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