TOP 10 Best Heavy Duty Drawer Slides – Bottom and Side Mounts

Are you having problems opening your drawer? Is the drawer noisy and tough? It’s time for you to get a new pair of heavy duty drawer slides. The heavy duty drawer slides can support your demands for many years ahead as long as you have them installed the right way. In this article, we are going to explore more about the top 10 best heavy duty drawer slides and see how they can solve your problems.

List Of Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Drawer Slides in 2020

10. KINGO HOME Heavy Duty Drawer Slides Bottom Mount

Pair of 36 Full Extension Ball

First of all, we have this heavy duty drawer slide from KINGO HOME. It comes with a pair of drawer slides, and they have a length of 36 inches. The pair of drawer slides together can hold up to 500lbs for the weight capacity. It is built in three sections, and they are equipped with steel balls to make the performance smooth and silent enough.

This slide is constructed of steel, and it is plated with zinc. This prevents the drawer slide from getting rust and corrosion. It also includes the lever in order to disconnect the part when it comes to the assembly and disassembly time. The installation process is easy enough as you only need a few screws to mount it directly onto the drawer.

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9. KINGO HOME Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

Pair of 22 Full Extension Ball

Here comes another pair of heavy duty drawer slides from KINGO HOME. These bearing slides come with a relatively shorter length at only 22 inches. The slide has its width measured at 2 1/16 inches, and the pair can withstand the maximum weight capacity of 250lbs. It provides a lever mechanism in order to get the pair separated very easily for both installation and disassembly.

The heavy duty drawer slides are built of high-grade steel, and they are plated with electron zinc. This makes the drawer slide resistant to corrosion to serve your demand in the long run. Thanks to the high bearing performance, the operation of this drawer slide is quiet as well as smooth. In order to install it in the best position, you are only in need of several mounting screws, and they are provided.

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8. KRASTY Heavy Duty Drawer Slides Industrial

KRASTY Heavy Duty Drawer

Next, we should take a look at the heavy duty drawer slide from KRUSTY. This slide features a big width of 2.1 inches, while its length is measured at 18 inches. The wider width also means stronger power and performance. This is the reason why the drawer slide can support up to 210lbs for the maximum weight.

This drawer slide is made from cold-rolled steel, and this material is much harder if compared to other types of metal. It is also equipped with steel balls so that you can pull them out very smoothly. This drawer slide is compatible with all kinds of big drawers that are used in various settings, such as restaurants, warehouses, and industry.

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7. COTULIN Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

 COTULIN Drawer Slides

Another choice for a heavy duty drawer slide is from COTULIN. This drawer slide is very easy to install, and the design is suitable for a variety of applications, including kitchen and industrial usage. It is also ideal for household purposes, especially when you have a big drawer in the house. The drawer slide comes in 3 sections, and it includes the steel ball for a better bearing performance.

With the steel ball design, the opening and closing operations are both smooth and quiet. This drawer slide is built with excellent quality, and as a result, it can load up to 500lbs for the maximum weight capacity. The steel construction also includes zinc plating to serve you for lifetime usage. The set includes a pair of drawer slides and all the installation tools needed.

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6. Hettich Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

Drawer Slide

Hettich also provides us with one of the best pairs of heavy duty drawer slides. This drawer slide measures its length at 48 inches, and it is built from zinc. With a pair together, they can support the maximum weight of 500lbs. When it comes to the installation time, the screws are provided for you, and each side requires a length of 0.75 inches for the installation.

It can be fully extended to get a length of 48 inches, while its width is 3 inches. It is equipped with ball spacers, and they are made of plastic. The ball design is dedicated to giving you a smooth operation with the best stability provided.

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5. Gobrico heavy duty undermount drawer slides

 Gobrico 22-Inch Heavy

Moving onto the next heavy duty drawer slides from Gobrico, it features a self-closing action, allowing you to replace your old drawer slides with this new pair. The drawer slide is made from cold-rolled steel, and it is plated with zinc. It prevents the problems of rust in the long run, especially when you are having a heavy load. The maximum bearing load is up to 78 pounds.

This drawer slide comes with a smooth closing function. It includes 3 sections so that it will never waste any space in the drawer. If you are not sure how to install this drawer slide, the instruction manual is there to guide you steps by steps. The mounting screws are also provided.

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4. VADANIA Drawer Hardware

VADANIA Heavy Duty Drawer

This pair of drawer slides from VADANIA is also worth taking into consideration. It features a heavy duty construction as the pair can support up to 150lbs at the maximum. It provides a locking design as well, preventing the whole drawer from sliding unexpectedly. This enables you to have easy control over the motion of the slide.

Moreover, this drawer slide enables the full extension, which means you can access the entire drawer when you are in need of. It is compatible with a wide range of applications, including shelf, drawers, cabinets, and even vending machines. In this case, brackets are not provided in the package.

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3. LONTAN Heavy Duty Drawer Slides Bottom Mount

6 Pairs 22 Inch Drawer Slides

If you are not working with only one drawer, it is recommended for you to get this set of 6 pairs to save the budget. Each of the drawer slides measures its length at 22 inches, and each features a fine and individual package upon arrival. In this set, the screws and instructions are included to help with the installation.

This drawer slide is dedicated to providing a soft close effect. This is thanks to the double spring design that minimizes the operation noise. It is also easy enough to assemble and install thanks to the nylon snaps. The pair can load up to 100lbs.

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2. Hettich Heavy Duty Full Extension Drawer Slides

Drawer Slide

What about this pair of drawer slides from Hettich? This slider features a length of 36 inches, which is compatible with a larger drawer. It also provides a heavy loading capacity, which can support up to 500lbs at the maximum. It can be fully extended to gain access to a deep drawer. However, this drawer slide is recommended for industrial use.

Nevertheless, the installation is easy and convenient. You only need to leave each side with a space of 0.75 inches to let it fit in perfectly. When you have them on, the sturdiness and stability of the drawer are guaranteed to the best.

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1. TCH Stainless Steel Drawer Slides Heavy Duty

TCH Hardware 16

Last but not least, this pair of heavy duty drawer slides from TCH features a high load. It can support the maximum loading capacity of 250lbs. The slides are designed ideally for heavy duty drawers that have a width of ¾ inch. It is made with 3 stages, and it enables the full extension to accommodate your demand.

The slide is coated with zinc, and it prevents the body from trapping corrosion. It also provides a quick-release mechanism to make the installation as well as removal convenience enough. It is also equipped with a steel ball to promote a smooth opening and closing. For the mounting, screws are needed but not included.

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Buying Guide: Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

No matter the drawer slides are for household or industrial purposes, there are some features that you need to evaluate before you make the final decision.

Length & Extension: before you get a pair of drawer slides, it is important for you to measure the length of your drawer first. The length of the slide can vary between 15 to 40 inches. Also, please look carefully for the extension part. Only some drawer slides enable the full extension function for the opening.

Construction & Heavy Load: a pair of heavy duty drawer slides is usually made of steel and plated with zinc. It also provides a heavy load that can support at least 100lbs. The outstanding ones for industrial use might support up to 500lbs.


In conclusion, we have gone through the top 10 best heavy duty drawer slides. Many drawer slides have a wide application as they can work with drawers, shelves, and other household items. Remember to get the right pair of drawer slides to let your drawer work smoothly once again.

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