TOP 10 Best Heavy Duty Extension Cord Reviews – [Buyers’ Guide]

Today, almost every tools and appliance are in need of power. However, we might find it difficult to have the power source everywhere, and this is the main reason that pushes us to get an extension cord. In this case, a heavy duty extension cord is recommended as it can support more tasks with larger appliances. Below are the top 10 best heavy duty extension cords that we have just found for you.

List Of Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Extension Cord in 2020

10. SIMBR Heavy Duty Extension Cord

SIMBR 25 FT Extension

First of all, we have a heavy duty extension cord from SIMBR. This extension cord is made of copper fire, and it features the ratings of 15amps. The cable includes specific light in the plugging area so that you will know when the power is there. This is very essential when it comes to the safety measure. This 50 feet extension cord is just ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage.

It is compatible with various household appliances, including lawnmower, party light system and other electric tool. It is also weatherproof since it is compatible with the weather range between -40 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The safety standard is tested and certified by UL to ensure the best quality.

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9. VCZHS Tech Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Cord

 Heavy Duty Extension

If you prefer a longer extension cord, you must consider this one from VCZHS Tech. The cable is designed ideally for both indoor and outdoor purposes, making it compatible with all household appliances and garden tools. It is made with 12 gauge, and it supports the power at up to 1875 watts.

It is equipped with cord lights at the female end, so that users are able to see whether the power is one or now. This cord also features a triple outlet design, which means you can connect 3 appliances simultaneously. The plugs are prong grounded for additional safety in the house. Also, the quality of the product is assured with an 18-month warranty to cover the defect cases.

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8. FIRMERST Heavy Duty Extension Cord

FIRMERST 1875W Flat Plug

Another flexible yet sturdy extension cord is from FIRMERST. This extension cord is tested and listed by UL and CUL. It comes with a length of 10 feet, and it supports up to 1875 watts power. It is built from thick wires with a larger diameter. This means that the cord is able to work with a higher amperage as well as wattage. It can handle heat better as well if comparing to other thinner cords.

This extension cord provides the best flexibility in a small space area. The plug is slim and flat at the same time. This is ideal for small spaces, such as desks, furniture and bookshelves. These places are very hard to work with the standard outlet. Also, it provides a lifetime satisfaction warranty.

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7. POWTECH Heavy Duty Extension Cord Gauge

POWTECH Heavy duty

No matter you want to get an extension cord for home or office, POWTECH’s extension cord is still a great choice. It is compatible with most major appliances for home and office, such as air conditioner and fridge. It is also compatible with large appliances, such as power tools and washers as well. This indoor extension cord comes with an angle plug design to fit into any tight spaces to save a lot of space for furniture and decoration.

This extension cord is also heavy duty as it is made with 14 gauge. The maximum wattage power that it can withstand is up to 1875 watts. Also, it has been tested to prove that the construction exceeds the requirements of UL’s safety standards. This means it is safe for all indoor environments.

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6. Qualihome Heavy Duty Extension Cord for space heater & powerful devices

1 Best Quality Heavy

There are 4 options for the length of the extension cord from Qualihome. It is available in 6 feet, 9 feet, 12 feet and 15 feet designs. The best thing about this extension cord is that it is made with grip grooves to make both of the connection and disconnection easy and convenient. Moreover, it is ideal for all large appliances, such as refrigerators, washers and power tools.

It can work with the maximum wattage power of 1875 watts, and it is constructed of 3 conductor wires. It features vinyl insulation for the heavy duty function. The durability and sturdiness of this extension cord are both guaranteed with a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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5. Go Green Power Inc. heavy duty outdoor extension cord

Go Green Power GG

If you are looking for 100 ft extension cord heavy duty from Go Green Power Inc, this one is for you. It is available in 3 length options, which are 25 feet, 50 feet, and 100 feet. Yet, it features a lightweight body of only 2lbs. This extension cord is built with long-lasting stability with the quality guaranteed from China.

It is resistant to a wide range of harsh elements, including moisture, prolonged outdoor exposure as well as abrasion. This is the reason why it works well for both indoor and outdoor usage with all the electrical items that you can think of. It can withstand the toughest sunlight in a hot environment for a relatively long period of time. This is because it has a heavy duty molded plug design.

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4. Woods outdoor electrical wire

Woods 982452 50-Foot

What about the extension cord from Woods? This extension cord comes with a vinyl jacket in the outer shell to prevent it from getting trapped by moisture, dust, dirt, abrasion, and other harsh chemicals. This is highly recommended for outdoor usage since almost no harmful elements can damage it.

It is compatible with a wide range of farm tools, including compressors and saws. It is flexible enough no matter it is used in what weather condition. Even in the cold weather, it will not stiff or crack as well. It is built with 14 gauge, and it is resistant to breaking and bending.

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3. AmazonBasics 12 gauge extension cord


AmazonBasics is another reliable brand that you can consider. This extension cord features a heavy duty design with 12 gauge, and it is made with 3 wires for various applications. It is compatible with both indoor and outdoor functions, and it is equipped with plug lights to show you when the power is on.

In addition, this extension plug is resistant to both wearing and tearing. This is thanks to its superior durability and stability in the design and construction. It can support up to 1875 watts for the wattage power. It is also resistant to all weather conditions as well.

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2. Cable Matters

Cable Matters

For this heavy duty extension cord from Cable Matters, it is ideal for outdoor usage since it is suitable for a variety of household equipment, including a computer, desktop, projector, and speaker. It serves as an extension to the standard AC outlet. With a 13-amp power design, it works well for both home and office.

It is also built with superior durability. It is safer when you need to connect at a long distance if comparing to other extension cords. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty to support you with the best customer satisfaction.

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1. Iron Forge Cable

25 Foot Lighted Outdoor

Last but not least, we should not miss this heavy duty extension cord from Iron Forge Cable. This extension cord is suitable for all purposes, including gardening and supporting any appliances in the house. It can be used for all outdoor settings since it is resistant to water and moisture.

This best extension cord is equipped with a reinforced blade, which is dedicated to protect it from both breaking and bending. It also features LED cord light to show you when the cord has power. Moreover, with a lifetime warranty, you are encouraged to contact Iron Forge Cable when you have any problems with the cord.

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Buying Guide

The extension cord is directly associated with your safety while being in use. This is the reason why you should have the right selection at all times. Before you get an extension cord, it is recommended for you to first evaluate the following factors of your demand.

Outdoor/indoor usage: not all the extension cords are compatible with both indoor and outdoor usage. If you need to work with outdoor purposes, it is suggested for you to look for the extension cord that has more protections, such as protection against moisture, abrasion, and other tough weather conditions.

Thickness: the thickness of the extension cord is also important. The thicker it is, the more wattage power it can handle. You should get the minimum rating of 15A since this is the requirement for you to have most household appliances compatible with.

Length: if you are not sure how long you need for the extension cord, you should choose the longer one. This way, you will never find that you run out of length to extend.


In conclusion, above are the top 10 best heavy duty extension cords. We hope that our reviews can help you find the right extension cord, and it can work ideally with your household appliances and other project tools.

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