Best Heavy Duty Gate Hinges – [Review and Guide]

Everything about the gate is very important, starting from the gate itself to the little gate hinge. Yet, if you are having difficulties in selecting a heavy duty gate hinge, here are the top 10 best options that you can rely on in the long run. We recommend you to go through the reviews one by one slowly in order to see which one best suits your demand. Without further delay, let’s start now.

List Of Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Gate Hinges in 2020

10. D&D TECHNOLOGIES Heavy Duty Hinges

D&D Technologies

Let’s begin with the heavy duty gate hinges from D&D TECHNOLOGIES. It comes with a set of 2 packs, and it provides you with a high-quality tension adjustment system. The system enables you to customize the tension of the hinge to make an ideal closing speed. It is compatible with various gate and fence designs, including high traffic gate, pool fences as well as pet barriers.

It requires a low maintenance effort since it is made of high strength stainless steel and polymer. The rust and corrosion problem will never happen with this gate hinge. It is suitable for various materials, including vinyl as well as wood gates. In this set, mounting brackets and screws are all provided.

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9. TamBee Heavy Duty Wood Gate Hinges

TamBee inch Black Door

The best thing about this heavy duty gate hinges from TamBee is that it provides a quick and easy installation process. The set includes the mounting screws for you, and you are not in need of finding extra tools to help with the assembly. The hinges are constructed of steel, and they feature black powder coating.

The hinges are suitable for various surface applications, including gates, doors, boxes, and bins. This is the reason why you will never run out of functions for this pair of gate hinges to work for you. The design is also flexible. No matter you are a right-handed or left-handed user, you can still customize the installation to match your demand.

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8. Emtek Heavy Duty Gate Hinge

Heavy Duty Black

Are you looking for a classic style design? If the answer is yes, this heavy duty gate hinge is your ideal selection. The door hinge is built of heavy duty and durable steel for a long-lasting usage. It is also made with powder coating to prevent both of the rust and corrosion.

This stainless steel gate hinge is equipped with a removable pin, which is an extra feature, but you would definitely fall in love with this convenient accessory. There are 2 gate hinges, and the screws are also provided in the set. The screws all come with a color matching with the color of the gate hinge design. Last but not least, the size of the gate hinge is 4 x 4 inches.

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7. Boerboel Gate Solutions heavy duty self closing gate hinges

 Boerboel Gate Solutions

Another solution to your door and gate opening and closing problems is this heavy duty gate hinge from Boerboel Gate Solutions. It features an elegant black color design, which makes it ideal for various home decoration styles. This door hinge kit contains 3 items, which are wrap hinges, hinge covers and additional hardware for the installation.

This door hinge is designed ideally for both wood and vinyl gates. It enables 3 options for the adjustment, including vertical adjustment, horizontal adjustment, and tension control adjustment. It also provides self-closing function, so that it can close once you step inside just immediately. Yet, it is in demand of pairing with a pool code to make the self-closing function work smoothly.

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6. Bobco Metals Heavy Duty Gate Hinges

Bobco Metals Heavy Duty

This heavy duty gate hinge from Bobco Metals is also worth taking into consideration. It comes with a size of 4 x 4 inches. The gate hinge is built from high-quality steel, and it provides a heavy duty construction to support the tough opening and closing on a daily basis. With an affordable price, it works well for various gate and door designs.

In addition, this gate hinge comes with a lightweight body of only 2.4 pounds. The assembly is easy enough as you can take advantage of all the hardware provided to get it done within minutes. For these reasons, this gate hinge is highly recommended if you wish to work with it for lifetime usage.

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5. Boerboel Gate Solutions

 Boerboel Gate Solutions

Here comes another heavy duty gate hinge pair from Boerboel Gate Solutions. It is designed ideally for a wooden or vinyl gate which has a width of 96 inches. This gate hinge is able to support up to 150lbs, while the maximum rotating angle is 180 degrees. In this kit, it also provides 4 pieces of hinge covers as well as Phillip screws.

The installation is easy enough as there are up to 3 ways of adjustment. It can be closed manually or automatically. This gate hinge is constructed of steel and coated with zinc powder. It has been tested by using sprays and passed the safety standards. With a lifetime period warranty, you are guaranteed that your investment is worth it.

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4. National Hardware gate hinge heavy duty

National Hardware

With this pair of heavy duty gate hinges from National Hardware, the stability and sturdiness are guaranteed as always. It comes with a set of 2, and it features screw holes in the design. This enables you to screw it in to make it stronger and more durable. It also helps secure the wood against splitting by any unexpected accidents as well.

It can be installed in two ways for either left-handed or right-handed users. The hinge itself is built from hot rolled steel, which is durable enough to support you for many years ahead. The heavy duty construction makes it a real value for your money. Plus, the design is also lightweight and portable for you to work with.

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3. Noa Store

Heavy Duty Gate Hinge

For this heavy duty gate hinge from Noa Store, it is built with a high bearing capacity which can support up to 450lbs. It measures the length of 5 inches, and it is equipped with ball bearings to make the operation much more fluent and heavy-duty. This gate hinge is made of cold-rolled steel, and it features an elegant black color design. The powder coating makes it resistant to both rust and corrosion.

Still, the design is compatible with a wide range of applications. It is made just perfect for those heavy swing gates that you are in love with. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that welding is demanded installation in this case.

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2. TamBee

 TamBee T-Strap Shed Hinge

What about this heavy duty gate hinge from TamBee? It comes with a set of 6 packs, and each measures its length at 12 inches. it provides a heavy-duty application in order to work with all kinds of gates, doors, and cabinets. Another great thing about this hinge is that it is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users.

It is made with a thickness of 0.1 inches. The installation is easy enough as it only needs several mounting screws, yet the screws are not included in this case. Still, it features a lightweight design to support you in all conditions.

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1. TamBee

 TamBee T-Strap

Last but not least, we should not miss this heavy duty gate hinge from TamBee. It features a set of 4 pieces, and each of them measures its length at 8 inches. At an affordable price, it helps you to restore the smooth operation of the doors and gates.

Moreover, it works well for both right and left-handed users with flexible position designs. It is built with a thickness of 0.1 inch, which is equivalent to 2.5mm. It is easy to install which does not cost you much time and effort to work with the assembly.

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Buying Guide

Selecting high quality and heavy-duty gate hinge is not easy. Yet, if you follow the basic guidelines below, it would be much easier for your shopping experience.

Versatile application: the gate hinge should be able to work with a wide range of applications, including doors, gates, cabinets, and shelves.

Types: however, not all the gate hinges are compatible with all gates. There are various types of them, including ball-bearing hinge, butt hinge, and many other types. You should first look at the gate and decide which one suits your gate the most.

Easy installation: no matter in what situation, the easy installation is still preferred by many people. The design should minimize your effort to get it set up properly.


All in all, above are the top 10 best heavy duty gate hinges. It is important for you to choose the right gate hinge in order to prevent your gate from not working properly. Therefore, it’s time for you to do more research on the gate hinges and choose the right pair for your gate to work with for many years ahead.

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