Best Heavy Duty Office Chair Reviews – [Buyers’ Guide]

Office work is not an easy thing as we have to sit in the chair for the whole day. This causes a lot of pressure and stress on our body if we do not get the right office chair and have a proper sitting position. We list the top 10 best heavy duty office chair reviews below. Their designs are dedicated to taking good care of our bodies in all conditions.

List of Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Office Chairs in 2020

10. Allewie Heavy Duty Office Chairs

Allewie Office Chair

First of all, we have this heavy duty office chair from Allewie. It comes with an ergonomic design, making it ideal for long hours of sitting without any fatigue or pain in the body. The armrest area is padded and curved to take good care of the elbows. Moreover, this chair features a 360-degree swivel function, allowing you to have a smooth rolling operation from one place to the other.

The seat is built from PU leather, and it ensures both of the softness and elasticity. It is also easy to maintain as well. Moreover, the chair is equipped with a gas lift system for you to adjust the height with convenience. When you work for long hours, this chair helps reduce the pressure and stress on the buttocks.

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9. Kealive Heavy Duty Office Chairs

 Kealive Big

To fit perfectly into your contemporary office decoration, Kealive has designed this modern style office chair for you. It comes with high back design, and the seat is upgraded with a wider area to ensure that it works well for people of all sizes and weights. The seat and back are built with thick cushions to reduce the pressure on the body.

Moreover, it is constructed of a metal base to support a heavy load. It can hold up to 400lbs with confidence. The chair is operated on a gas lift function to adjust the height for you. The height range is between 18.5 and 22.6 inches. This is also ideal when you have a different desk height. When you want to relax, you can also take advantage of the rocking ability between 90 and 120 degrees.

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8. Boss Office Products Heavy Duty Office Chairs

Boss Office Products

No matter you are a boss or not, the heavy duty office chair from Boss Office Products brings you with the best comfort to feel like a boss. This chair is designed ideally for big men with a maximum loading capacity of 350lbs. It is built-in with the pneumatic gas lifting system to support height adjustment. Moreover, the tilt mechanism is included.

The chair is made of a metal base, and it is equipped with wheel casters to move around with convenience. The wheels measure its diameter at 3 inches, which is large enough to ensure the best stability. The armrest is padded, and it features the wrap-around design to best support your arms. It is built from leather and polyurethane for the best softness.

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7. Dkeli Heavy Duty Office Chairs

 Big & Tall Executive

The large and tall office chair from Dkeli is designed for all office workers. It features an ergonomic design with maximum support on various body parts. It is built with soft padded, and there is a headrest area to release your pressure after working for many hours. This chair can accommodate the maximum weight of 500lbs.

It comes with a strong and sturdy construction as well. The base is made of metal, while the rolling casters are built of nylon. They combine together to bring the best stability as well as mobility. It can be tilted for up to 120 degrees for you to get the best working position, while the rotating ability is up to 360 degrees.

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6. Amolife Heavy Duty Office Chairs

Office Star Faux Leather

If you prioritize strength, you should consider this office chair from Amolife. The reason is that it features a heavy duty design that supports a heavy load at up to 500lbs. It is dedicated to providing you comfort even if you have to sit for the whole day long. There are various adjustable settings that you can take advantage of. The tilt mechanism provides the best flexibility in adjusting the seat position.

Also, it offers the best support to your lower back with the lumbar design. The forearm, hand, and wrist areas are all made with attention to detail. The assembly is also easy enough within minutes.

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Comfort is more important than anything else while working. This is the reason why it comes to the comfortable office chair from STARSPACE. This chair is built to be taller and wider in size so that people can enjoy the wider seat area for more flexibility. It also provides a reclining function, so that you can get to the best position for work.

Moreover, it is built from a metal base, and it can support the maximum weight of 400lbs. You can rock back and wroth with the tilting mechanism when you need to relieve the stress. The seat height is also adjustable based on the demand of the desk height.

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4. AmazonBasics

OFM Essentials Collection

Another choice for a high-quality office chair is from AmazonBasics. It comes with high back design, and this is desirable for tall users. It can hold up to 350 pounds in weight with all the commercial grade parts. The upholstery is built form brown leather, while the armrest features a curved design.

It can be tilted, and you can also lock the adjustment in place. It is able to swivel up to 360 degrees, while the rolling casters provide a smooth journey around the room. With a 1-year limited warranty, you are ensured with the best peace of mind.

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What about this heavy duty office chair from REFICCER? This chair is designed ideally as an executive chair with soft and thick padding to guarantee the level of comfort. The waterfall style construction reduces the pressure on your legs even after sitting for many hours. The chair is also adjustable since you can make adjustments to the height and tilt the chair back.

It features a wider design with the metal base support. It can load up to 400lbs with confidence. With the use of leather, provides both the style and elegance to your office. It is also a risk-free purchase as you have a 1-year warranty with you.

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2. Payhere

 Big & Tall Heavy Duty

For this office chair from Payhere, it is also made of high-quality leather padding to comfort you in all situations. It is added with plush comfort, allowing you to sink into the chair. It is equipped with nylon wheels, and the casters are able to rotate at up to 360 degrees. This way, you can enjoy the smoothest and most silent mobility.

Thanks to the soft material design, the pressure on the buttock is minimized. It is built of a metal frame, and this gives us just solid support. It is ideal for the living room, office, and other settings.

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1. Boss Office Products

 Boss Office Products

Last but not least, you should never miss the office chair from Boss Office Products. This chair is designed ideally for a big man since it can support up to 350lbs in weight. It provides a high-quality tilt mechanism, allowing you to rock with the best sitting position.

The seat height is also adjustable within the range between 19.5 and 22 inches. It can be adjusted using the lifting system. It is also equipped with double wheels to help you move around with convenience. Even when you are moving, the base is stable enough to guarantee the best support.

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Buying Guide

When you choose an office chair for yourself as well as your employees, there are various criteria to consider.

Back support: a high-quality office chair prioritizes the back support. It is usually built of a high back with extra thick cushion. This is desirable for big and tall people. Also, it places more support in the lower back area to prevent pressure and fatigue on the buttocks.

Lifting and tilting mechanism: this is another desirable feature as it allows you to adjust to the height that best matches your working desk. On the other hand, the tilting mechanism enables you to get the best seat position.

Rolling casters & swiveling ability: it should be equipped with wide rolling casters to ensure the best mobility. Also, the wheels should enable a 360-degree swiveling function to help you move around with convenience.

Loading capacity: the loading capacity should be no less than 300lbs. The higher the loading capacity, the more stability it provides.


In short, above are the top 10 best heavy duty office chairs. These chairs are recommended by hundreds and thousands of office workers worldwide since they provide the maximum amount of comfort and support even if you need to sit there for the whole day.

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