Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine in 20200

Are you looking for a heavy duty sewing machine? If the answer is yes, you have arrived at the right place. Today, we have the top 10 best heavy duty sewing machines to show you. They are not only heavy duty but also portable in size. You are guaranteed to fall in love with their outstanding features and functions since they can accommodate all of your sewing demands. Please read along with us to get to know more about their strengths and weaknesses.

List Of Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine in 20200

10. DWSFADA Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

 DWSFADA Sewing Machine

Let’s begin with the heavy duty sewing machine from DWSFADA. It is available in 3 color designs, which are pink, red, and blue. This mini machine features double speed settings and a single thread to provide you with a neat stitch. It is equipped with a foot pedal along with the self-winding bobbin so that you can find the sewing job much easier.

In order to customize among the speed settings, users are required to push the button to choose. Users are encouraged to use both hands, while the leg is responsible for customizing the speed with the foot pedal. The design is both lightweight and portable for both home and travel use. Moreover, it works well for most materials.

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9. EEX Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

 EEX Portable Full

Next, we have another candidate from EEX. This sewing machine comes in purple color design, and the construction is multifunctional. It features both double speed and double thread settings to help you achieve a firmer stitch. It is equipped with up to 12 patterns for the stitching so that users can have more choices.

Moreover, it is built-in with a lighting lamp, allowing you to work with attention to details. The foot pedal can be replaced once it is broken. Users can also customize the presser foot area as well for different sewing patterns. Another great feature is that it is operated on AA batteries to give an automatic operation. This enables you to begin various projects with convenience.

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8. Top-Spring Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

 Multifunctional Portable

In case you are just a beginner, we would recommend you with this sewing machine from Top-Spring. This is a great start for you to begin your sewing journey with various stitching patterns for options. It is equipped with a pedal for you to use your foot as the control of the machine speed. Moreover, it includes an automatic button to start the operation. This automatic operation is based on AA batteries.

In addition, this sewing machine is compact and portable in size. It is even equipped with a lighting lamp to help you visually. Even kids can work with it with convenience. Moreover, it provides an anti-slip pad at the bottom part, so that it can stay in place with the best security through the whole operation.

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7. ISKM Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

 Sewing Machine 12 Stitches

This portable sewing machine from ISKM is a great gift for beginners. It is built-in with 12 stitch patterns, and it includes LED light to help with a variety of sewing projects. It is equipped with double thread as well as double speed modes, allowing you to have more flexibility in working with the sewing job.

There are 2 power modes for you to operate this sewing machine, using either hand switch or foot pedal. For the food pedal design, it uses the manual button switch to operate. On the other hand, the other power mode requires a rechargeable battery to work with. It is compatible with various types of materials, yet users have to choose their own stitches to work with material options.

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6. SWINE Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Sewing and Quilting

SWAN is another reliable consideration when you are choosing a sewing machine. The best thing about this sewing machine is that it features up to 200 stitches for you to work with various patterns, including letters, decorative, and other embroidery patterns. The stitch pattern selection is shown on the LCD screen so that you can select it with convenience.

The needle threader is automatic since it is dedicated to helping you save you a lot of time and effort from working with the thread. The structure is built with a heavy duty design with a sewing speed of 700RPM. The motor is powerful enough to work with a wide range of fabric types. This set also provides a bunch of accessories to help make your project easier.

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5. Brother

Brother ST150HDH Sewing

Moving onto the next heavy duty sewing machine from Brother, it is built-in with 50 stitches design and 5 sizes for the buttonhole making. The machine features an easy needle threading mode as you can push the thread through it very easily using a press on the bobbin. If you are not sure how to operate this machine, there is also an instruction manual waiting to guide you through step by step.

In addition, the pattern is shown on the LCD screen display. This enables you to gain an insight into the project that you are working with by including more details. It also provides side support, such as online technical support, in order to help you when you encounter any technical issues.

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4. Janome

Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty

This heavy duty sewing machine from Janome is also worth taking into consideration. It features an automatic needle threading function, allowing you to have more time on the design and sewing rather than threading. It also provides a list of stitch selection with up to 18 options for the stitching patterns.

This sewing machine is operated using the foot pedal, yet the foot pressure is fully adjustable. You can also do a hand free operation when you only need the legs to process. In addition, this sewing machine comes with a wide range of accessories to help you with the project, such as hard case cover, glide foot and a leather needle.

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 SINGER Fashion Mate

The sewing machine from SINGER prioritizes durability and automatic operation. This sewing machine is equipped with 23 stitching patterns, and there are 4 steps for the buttonhole design. Moreover, it features an automatic needle threading operation as it takes only seconds to get the thread go through the needle.

In addition, it is constructed of a metal frame. This ensures the best durability and stability in the long run. Moreover, this sewing machine enables you to have a free arm operation. It provides a wide range of accessories in the set to accompany the sewing operation. These include zipper foot, sewing foot, and needles.

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2. Janome

Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty

Here comes another model of heavy duty sewing machine from Janome. It is built-in with 14 stitching patterns, and it uses the 4-stage buttonhole design. The construction of this sewing machine involves heavy duty metal in order to last for many years ahead. In this set, it offers a bunch of accessories, including needles, screwdriver, and zipper foot.

Users can enjoy a variety of free-motion applications, including attaching buttons, darning as well as stippling. It also provides you with an automatic needle threader to prevent all kinds of eye fatigue and strain.

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1. Janome

Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty

Last but not least, we should not miss this best heavy duty sewing machine from Janome. It is best rated for its easy operation and lightweight and portable design. It is built with a heavy duty frame, and it also features a hardcover to provide the best protection to the machine.

In addition, it comes with a needle threading function in this sewing machine to help you eliminate a lot of tough work. It is built-in with 18 stitching patterns, allowing you to work with various material types and designs for different sewing projects.

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Buying Guide

If you do not want to waste money on replacing your sewing machine, it is suggested for you to first look for the following features of the machine before you decide to get one for household usage.

Stitching patterns: a good sewing machine provides many stitching patterns for you to work with different sewing projects. These include numbers, letters, and other decorative patterns for the basic design.

Durable construction: this is another important feature if you want to work with it for long. It should be built with either steel or metal outer shell to offer the best protection in the long run.

Automatic needle threading: many of us would have a problem with the needle threading job. It would be desirable if the machine can do this job for us. This saves a lot of time and effort, especially for seniors who might have visual problems.


In short, above are the top 10 best heavy duty sewing machines. If you are in love with sewing, please get a portable and heavy duty sewing machine for your lovely home to accompany you through all the exciting and boring moments.

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