TOP 10 Best Heavy Duty Staple Gun Reviews in 2020 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Many projects require the presence of staples for attachment. This is the reason why the staple gun is popular among household usage even if you do not have a professional career related to it. A staple gun can serve your demands in a variety of ways to provide the maximum values. In this article, we will have a look at the top 10 best heavy duty staple guns for you. The buying guide section is at the end if you wonder about how to select the right staple gun.

List Of Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Staple Gun in 2020

10. THINKWORK Heavy Duty Staple Gun


Let’s start with the staple gun from THINKWORK. This staple gun features a 3 in 1 function as it can provide D-shape, T-shape, and U-shape stables to accommodate your demands. It is compatible with indoor and outdoor applications, including repair, fastening as well as decorations. It is very easy to work with it thanks to the stapler remover. This is ideal when the staples are stuck inside.

Moreover, it is built with an ergonomic handle, allowing you to work with it with the best comfort and convenience. The pressure can also be adjusted using the screw button. This depends on the thickness of the surface area that you need to operate on.

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9. Dicfeos Heavy Duty Stapler Gun

 Dicfeos Staple Gun

Next, we should take a look at this staple gun from Dicfeos. This staple gun is built with a thick steel structure that ensures the best durability and stability while in use. Moreover, it comes with a 3 in 1 operation function, which can work well with D-shape, T-shape, and U-shape stables. The kit includes all 3 staple types for you with 800 pcs for each type.

It provides a comfortable grip with the long handle provided. The long handle is loved by hundreds and thousands of people around the globe as it ensures the best safety. It is also easy to repair when the gun is stuck. Users only need to drag down the drive channel to get it to work again.

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8. YEAHOME Heavy Duty Staple Gun

Upholstery Staple Gun

If you need to work with a variety of applications, you should consider this staple gun from YEAHOME. It is compatible with a bunch of staples, including pin staples and 3 most common staple types in D, U, and T shapes. This staple gun is made of steel, and it is coated with chrome to prevent rust and corrosion.

When you operate this staple gun, you can also adjust the power and pressure level of the gun to match your demand. This is because of the different project types that you need to deal with. It is also very easy to use with the steel handle. It ensures the most comfortable and stable operation with this ergonomic handle. Moreover, the money-back warranty is guaranteed within 180 days.

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7. AECCN Heavy Duty Staple Gun

Staple Gun with Remover

This staple gun kit from AECCN provides all the tools that you are in need of, including guns and staples. This staple gun is able to work with various types of staples, including manual staples and special ones with D, U, and T shapes. It is built of high-quality steel, and the body is coated with chrome. This makes it uneasy to damage and rust.

Moreover, the kit includes all the staples that you need. Each type comes in a package of 600 pieces. This is ideal for various projects, including fastening, repairing as well as home decoration. In addition, the design is ergonomic, allowing your hand to fit more perfectly with the handle. Therefore, you can feel the best comfort even after working for many hours with it.

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6. WOLFWILL Heavy Duty Staple Gun

WOLFWILL 3 in 1 Heavy-Duty

Moving onto the next staple gun from WOLFWILL, it comes with a 3 in 1 function to serve your demands. This is because it is compatible with various staples, including D-type, T-type and U-type staples in order to tackle different projects. It is equipped with a soft handle so that you can work with it for various hours.

It is built-in with an adjustable knob. The knob allows you to make adjustments to the powerful force. When you have the right amount of pressure, you do not feel any hand fatigue. The staple gun is built of environmentally friendly steel, and it is resistant to rust and corrosion.

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REXBETI Staple Gun

Another choice for a good staple gun is from REXBETI. This set of staple guns also comes with the staples for you. The staples feature 3 types, including D type, U type, and T type. This staple gun is built with a rubber grip, which gives your hand and fingers the best support and grip. There is also a handle lock to add more safety to the operation.

In case you are stuck with the staple gun, you can simply drag down the drive channel to let the staple gun to work well again. The construction of the gun involves thick steel, and therefore, the durability and stability are guaranteed to the best. The operation is easy enough for you to work with convenience.

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4. REXBETI stapler gun staples

 REXBETI Staple Gun

Here comes another staple gun from REXBETI. It is built with superior strength to support a heavy-duty usage. The kit also provides all the staple types for you in order to work with different projects. The staple types include D shape, U shape, and T shape. Moreover, the gun is built-in with a rubber grip, so that you will never have any problems with hand pain or fatigue after long hours of working.

In addition, a carrying case is provided for you. This means that you can have the whole kit organized in one place. Users can take advantage of this case when it comes to storage and transportation times.

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3. WORKPRO heavy duty stapler

 WORKPRO Heavy-Duty

To work with a versatile application, make sure that you do not eliminate WORKPRO’s staple gun from your selection list. It is compatible with various staple designs, including D shape, brad nail, U shape, and light-duty D shape. This staple gun is compatible with both soft and hard materials as the power is fully adjustable.

Moreover, the staple gun features a quick-release mechanism. This is ideal when you need to work with staples or nails. There is also a reload window where you can gain an insight into how many staples left in the gun. More importantly, it is built with an ergonomic handle to serve your demands in all conditions.

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2. WETOLS industrial stapler

 WETOLS Staple Gun

What about this staple gun from WETOLS? It is also built with a 3 in 1 application as it can work with U shape, T shape, and D shape staples. This tool kit does not only include the staple gun but also provides up to 2400 pieces of staples to support your demands. When the staple is stuck inside, the metal drive channel is there for you to pull down in order to get rid of the nails.

This staple gun is constructed of high carbon steel, and it can serve you for a long period of time. The installation only requires a few steps that can be achieved within minutes. Thanks to its superior design, it is also suitable for women and children.

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1. Topec cordless staple gun

Staple Gun

Last but not least, we should not miss this staple gun from Topec. It is very easy to install and begin working with it. The gun itself is constructed of thick carbon steel, and it provides superior durability to support you in the long run. The power of the staple gun is fully adjustable to match your demand. This is because of the demands in various projects.

It can work with 3 types of staples, including U type, D type, and T types. Even after the purchase, you can always contact Topec if there are any technical issues.

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Buying Guide

To get the best tool kit for your project, below are some factors to consider before buying a heavy duty staple gun.

Versatile application: the more it can work for you, the better it is. This is applied to all products and tools. Therefore, for a staple gun, it should be able to work with a wide range of staple types, including D type, U type, and T type. It allows you to accomplish different projects.

Power adjustment: a high-quality staple gun design should also feature the power adjustment feature. This can be adjusted through a knob so that you can get the desired level of pressure to work with.

Heavy duty steel: the construction of the staple gun should include steel or metal as a frame. This extends the lifespan of the gun to maximize its values.


To conclude, above are the top 10 best staple guns. It would be ideal if you get one to prepare in the house so that you can work with all repair and decoration projects in the future.

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