TOP 10 Best Heavy Duty Storage Bins in 2020 – [Buyers’ Guide]

The storage bin helps give you a neat organization in the house. It can also keep the contents secure inside without having the pets or mice to irritate. It can be used for various settings, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, warehouse, and garage. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the top 10 best heavy duty storage bins. Please follow us along to learn more about them.

List Of Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Storage Bins in 2020

10. IRIS USA, Inc. Heavy Duty Stackable Storage Bins


To begin with, we have the storage bins from IRIS USA, Inc. It is available in 2 color designs, which are black and white. It is equipped with heavy duty buckles so that the lid can stay in place with the most secure attachment. The lid is upgraded with more strength as well as durability in the design.

Moreover, when you stack many of them on one another, the lid provides the stability to prevent collapsing due to any unexpected impacts. This storage bin design is suitable for a wide range of applications, including basement, closet, kitchen as well as garage.

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9. Mind Reader Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bins

Mind Reader CRATE-BLK

For both home and commercial purposes, this storage bin from Mind Reader is still a great option. It provides an efficient storage capacity as well as a clean organization as you store all of the items in the storage bin. It features a large capacity of 4 gallons or 16 quarts. This storage bin is stackable on one another thanks to the superior design.

Moreover, it is attached with steel hinges, so that the lid is locked in place when you need to stack them up. It is also very easy to lift up thanks to the handle grips that come with an ergonomic design. The lid is dedicated to secure the storage bin from getting dust and dirt.

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8. IRIS USA, Inc Heavy Duty Storage Bins


Here comes another storage bin design from IRIS USA, Inc. This storage bin is dedicated to maintaining the good quality and safety of the contents inside. It is equipped with lock holes as well as grooves in the lid so that it can grip much tighter and more secure. The deep lid design is also desirable when you can stack with convenience.

The storage bin comes with high capacity as it can store up to 27 gallons. This is for the demand for large storage in various settings, such as office and warehouse. It is also ideal when you need to move to a new home or office.

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7. Greenmade Heavy Duty Storage Bins

 Greenmade 4 Pack Heavy

Another candidate for the reviews is from Greenmade. This storage bin is dedicated to keeping all of your belongings safe and secures no matter in what condition. This storage bin is made with a recessed lid to protect the items inside and allow stacking at the same time. It is constructed of polypropylene plastic, and therefore, you can rely on it as many years as possible.

The snap-on lid design is tight enough once you have it closed. It is equipped with padlock holes that allow you to add a lock to the storage bin. The lock is not included, but you can find it in the Greenmade store as well. The goal of this design is to make it worth your money.

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6. Safari USA Heavy Duty Storage Bins

 SAFARI USA 5 gallon

This storage bin from Safari USA is guaranteed for its quality from the United States. It is built from high-quality materials that are provided by local suppliers in the USA. It comes with a set of 6 pieces, and each of them is built form heavy-duty plastic. The lids are also included. Moreover, the lid is built-in with pre-cut holes to make it stackable.

For one storage bin, it can hold up to 5 gallons. This means that it is compatible with a wide range of household tools, equipment, and appliances. It can fit perfectly into any spaces, including bedroom, garage, and warehouse. With a worry-free warranty, you can receive the best confidence for this purchase.

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5. Muscle Rack stackable storage bins

A larger set usually makes the budget smaller. This set of storage bin from Muscle Rack includes 4 bins inside. Each of the bins features its capacity at 5 gallons, and all of them together can store up to 20 gallons with confidence. It also comes with a heavy duty design in order to support your demands in all conditions.

This is also stackable when you run out of space for storage. It is made with a snap-fit so that the lid can offer the most superior protection to the contents inside the box. It can be locked if you are in need of additional protection for them. This plastic stackable bin is guaranteed to be the right choice if you prioritize protection in any case.

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4. STERILITE plastic containers with lids

 STERILITE 30 Gallon

There are many reasons for you to choose this storage bin from STERILITE, especially when you are in need of large storage capacity. This storage bin set features 6 pieces inside, and each bin is dedicated to serving you with the maximum capacity. It also provides the lid in the set, making the bins stackable in order to save you a lot of space.

In addition, the lid is closed tight enough to secure the best fit. This can help you reduce the worries about outer invasions, such as mice, when you use it for a storage room or warehouse. You can use it for the storage of a variety of items, including books, clothes, tools, and other delicate items.

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3. IRIS USA, Inc. household storage container

 IRIS USA 19 Gallon

What about this storage bin from IRIS USA, Inc. It features 2 pieces of storage bins in the set. One bin can hold up to 19 gallons for its storage capacity. Moreover, it offers the lids, and the lid is built-in with a channel on the top. This is ideal when you need to have a tie-down strap to attach the storage bin.

In addition, it is manufactured in the United States, and the quality is guaranteed to the best. The black color design is elegant and resistant to dirt and dust. The gray lid also helps minimize the maintenance effort in real-life usage.

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2. Rubbermaid Commercial Products

 Rubbermaid Commercial

Moving onto the next heavy duty storage bin from Rubbermaid Commercial products, it is built with a heavy duty construction, and as a result, users are able to store and transport the contents with convenience. It is built-in with an ergonomic handle, and it provides a comfortable to prevent all kinds of injuries for the hand and fingers.

It is built with a secure lid as well. You can snap it as tight as possible to keep the contents safe and secure. When you use it for household demand, you can also stack it up in order to save a lot of space for storage.

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1. Lifetime large plastic storage containers

LIFETIME 60254 Heavy

Last but not least, we have this heavy duty storage bin from Lifetime. It provides a large storage capacity that can store up to 150 gallons. This is ideal when you have to store a lot of large tools and equipment inside. The spring hinge lid can be opened easily. The closing operation also never brings you a shock.

It is strong and durable enough to even protect itself from UV rays. Even with the toughest use, the problem with peeling, fading, and cracking will not happen. The lid can be locked if you prefer additional security in the long run. Last but not least, the wall is built with high-density polyethylene to work for many years ahead.

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Buying Guide

When you have chosen the right storage bin, you can save a lot of time and energy by letting it take good care of your items. So, if you want to have the content secure, please refer to the buying advice below.

Capacity: first of all, what you need to evaluate is the capacity of the storage bin. You have to know how many items you need to store inside. The storage capacity varies between 4 and 150 gallons.

Lockable lid: a high-quality storage bin should come with an outstanding lid design. The lid should be able to secure tightly. Moreover, for some lids, it even includes holes and locking mechanism, allowing you to add an additional lock to it.

Stackable: this is another important feature. The stackable design is essential as it can save you a lot of space from having the storage bins everywhere on the floor.


Now, you have gone through the top 10 best heavy duty storage bins. They all come with different designs and storage capacity, and now you should be able to make your own decision. If you are still not sure, please do more research to get the best storage bin for yourself.

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