TOP 10 Best Heavy Duty Wheelchair Reviews – Buyers’ Guide

A heavy duty wheelchair is desirable at all times because it can work with both lightweight and heavy users. With strong and powerful construction, it can last as long as you wish without having you to replace frequently. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the top 10 best heavy duty wheelchairs. Moreover, we recommend you not to miss the buying guide section at the end.

List Of Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Wheelchair in 2020

10. Graham-Field Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Everest & Jennings Bariatric

First off, we have a heavy duty wheelchair from Graham-Field. This wheelchair provides a large seat with a width of 24 inches. The wheel design has been upgraded using an aluminum frame as well as a dual cross brake in order to maximize the strength and control over the wheelchair. Users at up to 400 pounds are compatible with this wheelchair.

It is also equipped with a wheel lock, allowing you to stay still in place when in need. The braking system is also connected with the handle so that users do not have to bend in order to apply the brake. The footrest area is large enough to keep your feet safe from the ground.

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9. HEALTHLINE Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Wheelchair Folding Transport

Next, we should have a look at this heavy-duty wheelchair from HEALTHLINE. This heavy duty wheelchair is designed ideally for adults with a seat width of 24 inches. It is foldable when it comes to storage and transportation time. Moreover, it can support up to 400 – 500 pounds with confidence, which makes it suitable for heavy adults.

The footrest area can be adjusted based on your demand for the height. However, it is also removable when you are not in need of. The armrest area is already padded with vinyl, and it is dedicated to maximizing the amount of comfort for you. The steel frame construction makes the wheelchair strong enough to withstand all conditions.

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8. Invacare Heavy Duty Wheelchair

 Invacare Tracer IV Wheelchair

Another choice for a good heavy duty wheelchair is from Invacare. This wheelchair is made with a dual axle position system that allows users to adjust the height from the seat to the floor. The chair is built of a steel frame, and it is chrome plated to prevent all kinds of damages. This is the reason why it requires a low maintenance effort.

The wheels are made of urethane, and they are made to provide superior performance of all times. The heavy-duty liner design targets the comfort and healthiness of the seat and back in order to prevent them from stretching.

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7. Drive Medical Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Drive Medical Sentra EC

If you want to invest your money in the wheelchair for many years, you should consider this one from Drive Medical. It is constructed of a steel frame, and it is coated with 3 layers of chrome. The upholstery is upgraded with nylon to maximize the durability and support at the same time. On the other hand, the wheels feature steel construction, and they have a diameter of 8 inches.

There are a variety of additional features to help support the wheelchair frame. These include dual crossbar design, side frame as well as caster journals. The armrest area is made with an extra-large size to serve your demands by ensuring the best comfort. Last but not least, it can support the maximum weight capacity of 700lbs, making it ideal for all heavy adults.

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6. ProBasics Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Probasic - Heavy Duty

ProBasics is one of the most reliable considerations that you can trust. This wheelchair comes with a large seat with a total weight capacity of 450 pounds. This is the reason why this wheelchair is highly recommended for heavy users, including adults and seniors. It features a swing-away footrest design, and it is desirable for many users as it provides both the support and flexibility.

The rear wheels are constructed with a size of 12 inches. It is responsible for making the journey safe and stable enough on all terrains. Also, it is worth mentioning that ProBasics provides a 1-year warranty on the wheel lock and upholstery, and there is a 5-year warranty on the cross brace and welds.

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5. Drive Medical

 Drive Medical Sentra

Here comes another heavy duty wheelchair from DriveMedical. This heavy-duty wheelchair is constructed of a high carbon steel frame, and it is coated with chrome in 3 layers in order to be resistant to rust and chipping. It also makes it easy for maintenance while you are already busy enough with taking good care of the patient.

It is made of a dual axle design, which is responsible for making the transition easy. The armrest area is padded, and users will never feel any discomfort even if using the wheels for hours. It is equipped with urethane wheels. The wheels do not require any maintenance, but it can make the most precise bearing to support you at all times.

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4. NOVA Medical Products

NOVA Bariatric Transport

Let’s shift our attention to this heavy duty wheelchair from NOVA Medical Products. This wheelchair features a versatile design as it can work well on all terrains. This is because you can have full control on the wheelchair using the hand brake and rear wheels. It also allows you to have the inclining mode very easily.

When you need to transfer the patient, the padded armrest area is removable, so that you are able to transfer users onto the car or chair. The seat is wide enough to support both adults and seniors as it is measured in 22 inches. The footrest area is also removable and lockable, allowing you to adjust until you can find the most comfortable position.

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3. Drive Medical

Drive Medical Bariatric

What about this heavy duty wheelchair from Drive Medical? It is designed ideally to serve your demands while ensuring the best comfort. It is constructed with a wide seat with a size of 22 inches. This wheelchair is foldable after using so that you are easy and convenient enough with storage and transportation. With a weight of only 49lbs, it can support up to 450lbs.

Although a small assembly is needed for the wheelchair, the hardware and tools are already included for you to make it easy and simple. Only one height is provided for the seat of this wheelchair. Moreover, with a steel frame design, it can last as long as you wish.

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2. Medline

Medline Lightweight

This heavy duty wheelchair from Medline is also one of the best options. It is equipped with soft rolling wheels that work well on all surfaces. The wheels require a low maintenance effort as it can be powered by feet. Moreover, the height of the wheelchair is fully adjustable with 2-inch adjustment.

Although the design of the wheelchair is compact and portable, it can support the maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. The upholstery is built of breathable nylon, and it is soft and comfortable at the same time. The chair can take good care of seniors who are unable to walk on their own.

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1. Drive Medical

Drive Medical Cruiser

Last but not least, we should not miss this heavy duty wheelchair from Drive Medical. It features a flip back arm design, and this allows more flexibility when it comes to the transfer time. Users are able to get transformed very easily regardless of the heavy weight they have.

The seat height is also adjustable based on the height of the users. The wheelchair is constructed of large wheels, and they are lockable when you are in need of stopping. Only a push is needed in order to lock the chair in place.

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Buying Guide

Below are the criteria of a high quality and heavy duty wheelchair.

Weight capacity: what we want from the heavy duty construction is the high weight capacity. This is because it needs to support a heavyweight user. Therefore, the loading weight capacity should not be less than 400lbs to be compatible with both adults and seniors.

Wheels: the wheels should be large enough to work well on all terrains. However, another desirable feature about the wheels is that they are lockable. This way, you can lock the movement when you need to stay still in place.

Armrest: a padded armrest is a favorite for users at all times. Nevertheless, what is more, important about the armrest is that it should come with a flip back or removable design to make the transfer easy enough.


To conclude, you have just gone through the top 10 best heavy duty wheelchairs of 2020. If you are having a family member who is currently unable to walk, please get a wheelchair for them as soon as possible and make sure that it is made with the highest quality to serve you for many years ahead. We really appreciate your time and effort with our reviews, and we wish you all the best.

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